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top 9 reasons why

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® enhances the motorcycling experience with The Exhaust, an electronically adjustable system offering three distinct sound modes, providing riders the flexibility to tailor their sound to any situation. Discover 9 compelling reasons to choose a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® exhaust.

# 1

Begin with the paramount reason: The Exhaust delivers an unparalleled and distinctive sound, a crucial element for motorcyclists who view sound as integral to their passion and freedom. Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde®'s dedicated engineers have meticulously designed a bespoke sound for each bike, offering riders an extraordinary experience adjustable to any situation. Let the riders' experiences attest to the remarkable sound quality.

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® Exhaust Awesome, Unique Sound

# 2
three sound modes

Experience the freedom of choice with a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® exhaust, offering riders the flexibility to select from three distinct sound modes. Whether you prefer a silent, serene tone, a dynamic mid-tone, or a robust bass sound without treble or mid tones, our exhaust system empowers you. A straightforward push of a button activates a valve in the muffler, seamlessly adjusting the sound level and character to match the moment. Strategically positioned in the exhaust center, the valve allows exhaust gases to bypass, ensuring an optimal blend of sound, performance, and emission—all without visible exterior changes, aligning perfectly with our clean aesthetic. (Note: Blackbox systems (motorcycles without CAN bus) offer two sound modes.)

# 3
social sound

Navigate our crowded society with consideration using The Jekill and Hyde Company's exhaust system. Embrace the flexibility to tailor your motorcycle's sound to the moment, ensuring that your passion for riding doesn't disrupt those around you. With this adjustable feature, you can enjoy your favorite hobby while being mindful of your surroundings, fostering harmony between your riding experience and the world around you.

Exhaust Street Legal with Social Sound

# 4
Market Leader

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® stands as the forefront innovator and provider of state-of-the-art electronically adjustable exhaust systems. Nestled in The Netherlands, the company has empowered over 100,000 riders with this cutting-edge technology, and the demand continues to surge. With an unwavering commitment to independence, Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® conducts all design and development in-house. This approach allows them to promptly and adeptly address market demands, delivering products that seamlessly align with evolving needs. Their overarching goal remains singular: to bestow upon motorcyclists the ultimate riding experience!

# 5
fully customizable

Motorcycles are profoundly personal and intimate possessions. Every ride should evoke a smile, making each moment on the bike truly memorable. With a plethora of options available, there's no justification for settling for anything less than your exact desires.

Understanding this inherent need, Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® provides a diverse array of exhaust designs and a myriad of end cap options. Explore the possibilities for yourself in the exhaust configurator and ensure your bike aligns perfectly with your vision.

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde<span class=® Exhaust is Fully Customizable">

# 6
premium quality

Quality stands as a paramount core value for Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde®. The pride they take in their products is reflected in their commitment to durability. Each exhaust is meticulously crafted with longevity in mind, built to withstand various extreme conditions and intense heat. Rigorous testing precedes production, ensuring that only the highest quality materials, sourced from trusted European suppliers, are utilized. Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® maintains an unwavering dedication to uncompromised quality.

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® Exhaust is Premium Quality

# 7
4 year warranty

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® stands behind the quality of their exhaust systems by offering a standard 4-year warranty with every product. This warranty underscores their immense confidence in the exceptional build quality of their electronically adjustable exhausts. Motorcyclists can enjoy the full benefits of their exhaust systems with the peace of mind that comes with this extended warranty.

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® Exhaust comes with a four years standard warranty

# 8
Sound Engineering

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® is dedicated to achieving the best sound for their exhaust systems. Through extensive development processes involving computer simulations, prototyping, and rigorous testing, they have crafted a bespoke exhaust for each motorcycle. The engineering approach focuses on creating a perfect synergy between design, performance, and sound.

An illustrative example is the integration of absorption fabric just below the body sleeve, a key element contributing to the distinct Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® character and ensuring optimal emission values. For more insights into their meticulous engineering process, you can watch the video or follow the link.

# 9
Excellent performance

The Exhaust by Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® provides unparalleled performance and power for your motorcycle. Opening the valve results in a noticeable increase in performance. Remarkably, even with the valve closed, there is no compromise on performance, guaranteeing a safe and smooth riding experience across all modes.

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® Exhaust comes with Excellent Performance