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Motorcycles are profoundly personal and intimate possessions. Life is too short to ride a motorcycle that fails to bring a smile every time. With numerous options available, settling for anything less than your ideal ride is unnecessary.

Understanding this essential need, Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® provides a variety of exhaust and end cap designs. Explore the possibilities for yourself in the exhaust configurator and discover the perfect match for your preferences.

C.A.R.B. Compliance Policy

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® Exhaust Systems

Comprehensive C.A.R.B. Compliance Policy for Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® Exhaust Systems

In accordance with California's stringent regulations governing motorcycle aftermarket parts and emissions control, Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® upholds a meticulous C.A.R.B. (California Air Resources Board) compliance policy. This policy ensures that our exhaust systems meet the rigorous standards set forth by C.A.R.B. to mitigate air pollution and maintain vehicle emissions within acceptable limits.

Under California Vehicle Code section 27156(c), strict prohibitions are outlined, stating that no person shall engage in the installation, sale, offer for sale, or advertisement of any device designed to modify or alter the original design or performance of a motor vehicle pollution control system. Such measures are crucial to preserving air quality and safeguarding public health.

To adhere to these regulations, Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® ensures that a significant majority of our exhaust systems produced from 2017 onwards have obtained C.A.R.B. approval. This approval signifies compliance with C.A.R.B.'s emissions standards and is a testament to our commitment to environmental responsibility. However, given the complexity of the approval process and ongoing innovations in exhaust system technology, some of our exhaust systems may still be undergoing the C.A.R.B. approval procedure. To inquire about the status of the exhaust system you've configured, kindly complete the form below. We will promptly reach out to you within 1 to 2 business days regarding its C.A.R.B. approval status.

The California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.), established in 1967, serves as the regulatory authority overseeing air pollution and vehicle emissions control within the state. C.A.R.B.'s mandate encompasses a wide array of responsibilities, including setting emission standards for vehicles, conducting research on air pollution, implementing programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and enforcing regulations to safeguard air quality.

By adhering to C.A.R.B. guidelines and obtaining approval for our exhaust systems, Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® actively contributes to California's efforts to combat air pollution and mitigate the adverse effects of vehicle emissions on the environment and public health. Our unwavering commitment to C.A.R.B. compliance underscores our dedication to producing high-quality, environmentally responsible products that meet and exceed regulatory standards.

In summary, Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde®'s comprehensive C.A.R.B. compliance policy reflects our steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction. By prioritizing C.A.R.B. approval for our exhaust systems, we ensure that our products not only enhance motorcycle performance but also contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment for current and future generations.