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The Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® Company introduces motorcyclists to the ultimate riding experience with The Exhaust—an electronically adjustable exhaust system that enables riders to effortlessly select from various sound modes on the fly. This exhaust system, unrivaled in sound, aesthetics, and power, stands as a testament to exceptional engineering.

Every exhaust system from Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® is designed to endure diverse extreme conditions, including weather and high temperatures. Rigorous testing is conducted before production to ensure durability. Once a exhaust passes all tests and becomes available to the public, only the highest quality materials, sourced from trusted European suppliers, are used in its production.

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® | The Exhaust presents an exquisitely designed exhaust, born from the collaboration of German engineering and Dutch craftsmanship. With state-of-the-art technology, the exhaust is meticulously crafted by top-tier engineers, showcasing a blend of precision and expertise.


The electronically controlled and adjustable system from Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® empowers riders to effortlessly open and close the exhaust valve at the push of a button. Opting for Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® signifies choosing unparalleled quality. Each exhaust system boasts an integrated switch housed in a high-quality clutch casing, ensuring an optimal fit with all other handlebar components. The button seamlessly blends in color, resembling an integral part of the original setup. Furthermore, the button is fully weather-resistant and illuminates with a red light upon activation for added convenience.

Quality Switch for your custom Exhaust


The valve serves as the heart of Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde®'s exhaust system, rendering it truly unique with three electronically adjustable positions. Striving for the ultimate riding experience, the valve must consistently function optimally in every situation, and this is achieved through the use of a robust solid valve.

Milled from a single block of pure solid metal, their valve ensures stability by preventing deformation and absorbing vibrations, resulting in a superior and more resonant product. The valve housing features a double layer with a ball joint to minimize resistance during the heating phase while riding.

Solid Valve for your custom Exhaust

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® stands out as the sole exhaust manufacturer with a fully sealed valve. The chemically nickel-plated valve permeates the steel's pores, enhancing hardening and protecting against corrosion. Positioned in the middle and welded, the valve allows exhaust gases to bypass, achieving the optimal configuration for sound, performance, and emission without being visible from the outside—a seamless fit with their clean aesthetic.


Each Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® exhaust system incorporates premium absorption fabric positioned just below the body sleeve. Utilizing heat-resistant glass wool capable of withstanding temperatures up to 800 degrees, they employ a single thread construction rather than loose fibers, ensuring an optimal lifespan.

To secure the thread in place, a temperature blanket—similar to the one used by NASA for the space shuttle—is employed. This blanket effectively prevents the transfer of temperature to the body, preventing any discoloration.

The absorption fabric plays a crucial role in providing effective damping for Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® exhausts. Filtering out high and mid tones from the exhaust sound, it contributes to the distinctive character and optimal emission values associated with Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® systems.

Premium Fabric for your custom Exhaust


Every Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® system is meticulously crafted to order, resulting in a customer-specific and inherently unique product. The assembly and quality checks occur at three distinct stages, ensuring adherence to the high standards set for their products. Subsequently, each exhaust system is assigned a unique serial number, enhancing traceability by providing comprehensive information about your individualized exhaust system.

Serial Number for your custom Exhaust


At Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde®, it's all about choice—choose your sound and choose your exhaust. This extends to more detailed elements, such as your end caps. Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® provides a diverse range of end caps in various colors. What's even cooler? If you want to give your bike a different look, you can easily swap them out.

Interchangeable End Caps for your custom Exhaust


Due to the limitless possibilities in exhaust configurations, we do not stock every pre-assembled system. When you create a configuration that is not in stock and choose to order it, the configuration is sent to our production facility. Upon receiving your order, all necessary parts are gathered, and the exhaust is assembled according to your preferences. This ensures that every system is unique and specifically built for you!

Your custom Exhaust is built to order


Thanks to the unique number on your exhaust, the system is always traceable. Don't worry, we're not keeping tabs on your rides. However, if you ever encounter an issue with your exhaust, this unique number provides us with the essential information to assist you. We can identify when the exhaust was manufactured, your motorcycle model, and your specific exhaust configuration to provide the necessary support.

Your custom Exhaust is always traceable