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You're just a few steps away from providing your customers a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust system.

Provide your customers the ultimate riding experience with Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust: an electronically adjustable exhaust system which makes it possible to choose between three different sound modes and adjust your sound to the moment.

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Sound, design, quality; it all has to be top notch. But this result cannot be pursued without the perfect finish. And that is where our dealers come into play. Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde can be purchased through an extensive dealer network.

Use the form to request an opportunity to strengthen our dealer network. We will process your details as soon as possible and will contact you. Submitting an application does not automatically lead to a dealership.

The advantages of becoming a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust dealer are:

  • - Official dealers can sell Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde products.
  • - You deliver a unique sound and electronically adjustable exhaust system.
  • - Four year warranty included.