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Here you find the most recent warranty terms as drawn up by Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust.

The exhaust system of The Jekill and Hyde Company (J&H) is guaranteed for 4 years if the following conditions are met:

  • The engine of the bike has to function as original, that means that the air/fuel ratio has to be tuned properly and especially not too lean.

  • The exhaust system has to be original, for example: no welding joints (besides the catalytic converters), original electronics without interferences.

  • The exhaust system needs to be used for its original purpose.

  • The exhaust system needs to be cleaned via our handed cleaning instructions.

  • The exhaust system has to be installed by our contracted dealers according to our installation manual.

The 4 years of warranty isn’t valid when:

  • Non-compliant with the above mentioned conditions.

  • The exhaust system is overheated by improper use or due to a tuning.

  • The exhaust system is damaged beyond the control of J&H.

  • Electrical interferences caused by: improper installation and/or failures caused by the motorcycle or other accessories that are installed on the motorcycle.

  • Damage caused by the incorrect mounting of shields or header sets.

Surface treatments

  • Due to the influence of external factor beyond our control; the warranty on surface treatments such as coating and chrome regarding all elements of the exhaust system, is excluded from the third and fourth year.

When the exhaust system is repaired or replaced by us the following conditions are valid:

  • Replacing mechanical parts within the warranty, means that the replaced parts have a warranty that is equal to the remaining warranty time of the whole system.

  • Replacement of electrical parts are included with 1 year warranty, only valid on the replaced parts.

  • If the exhaust systems or muffler is replaced with a surcharge by the customer a new warranty period of 4 years will be granted.


  • The service of J&H is still available after the warranty period, however we may ask for a certain fee.

  • Repairs done after the warranty period are included with 1 year of warranty with the conditions described in section 1.