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Spy Streetfighter Black/Black

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    PART #: EP151013NC
    Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® Spy Streetfighter Black/Black




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    I wanted the versatility to ride my bike any hour of the day and I got it
    (Pennsylvania) | May 20th, 2023
    I used the 15 minute video to install this exhaust on my HD Pan America. The video even has a note as to what size tool you needed for that specific job. The actual job took me about 4 hours because I wanted it perfect. It sounds and looks amazing.
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    2022 HD Pan America
    The BEST exhaust!
    (United States) | May 10th, 2023
    Just installed the J&H exhaust on my 21 HD Sporter S. This is a very well made product. The fit and finish is better than the stock exhaust and any other for that matter. Purchasing and installing was easy. Customer service was there when needed. The 3 different variations of sounds make the bike sound great. I would highly recommend J&H for your exhaust upgrade.
    Indian Challenger exhaust
    (North Carolina outer banks) | May 8th, 2023
    I saw Jekyll and Hyde exhaust while researching exhaust for my 2021 Indian Challenger but didn't get chance to look into them more at the time. I thought they might be a good idea for me since I often ride my bike to horse rides where my wife and a lot of friends go with their living quarters trailers. I didn't want loud exhaust spooking anyone's horses. When I was at Daytona bike week in spring of 2023, I came across the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde exhaust trailer and listened to the bikes they had them on. They didn't have any with them to fit my bike so I ordered a set. It took awhile to get them because they had to make and ship them from overseas, but it was worth the wait! I wasn't sure how my challenger was going to sound with them but after I installed them, which went without a problem, and started it the first time, I knew they were perfect for me. The Dr Jekyll mode is actually more quiet than stock, and the Mr Hyde mode sounds great. My challenger has the sound to match it's performance now. I haven't used the dynamic mode much yet though. I want to also say everyone I have talked to with the company have been professional, polite, and ready to answer whatever questions I had. First Class crowd for sure.
    Nomad info & Order
    (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) | May 8th, 2023
    Jeff was very prompt to answer my emails and very helpful too.
    The LUX
    (Nebraska) | April 24th, 2023
    Just ordered The LUX for my 2023 HD Nightster and can't wait for it to be delivered, and install it! All my questions were answered super quickly and completely. Edward was very professional, thorough, and thoughtful. Thanks again
    (New Market, AL) | April 24th, 2023
    Excellence in customer service. Eddie took me through the ordering process and explained all the great benefits of tis extraordinary muffler. Now I can control my exhaust tone, loud as needed and quiet when I am on the highway for extended lengths. Thanks J & H team!!
    Amazing Customer Service from Edward Plam
    (Dover NH) | April 21st, 2023
    All questions were answered super quickly and completely. Edward was very professional, thorough, and thoughtful. He went above-and-beyond for me, which ultimately made my purchase of their product(s) even more enjoyable and exiting. 10/10 on all fronts. Thanks Edward and the DJMH team!
    Fits and Sounds like a charm on my HD 1250S Pan America 2022
    (Michigan) | April 18th, 2023
    Awesome quality, great customer service and easy to install DIY. Super Happy and fun to listen to!! Ride safe!!!
    2021 Harley Sportster S
    (Mooresville, IN) | April 16th, 2023
    Met the Jekyll and Hyde guys at 2023 Daytona Bike Week. All friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Bought the exhaust system (after returning home) at the show price, so thanks for that! They said it was a one-hour installation. I watched their YouTube which was very helpful. The installation took exactly one hour. No muss, no fuss. Excellent product! Looks great and sounds absolutely awesome! I've told many fellow bikers the Sportster S is a great bike that will be even better with a proper exhaust system and so true with the Jekyll and Hyde exhaust system installed!!!
    22 BMW Transcontinental
    (Earth) | April 12th, 2023
    Fit and Finish were perfection! Plug and play wiring was simple. Love the sound. The finish product looks like it came on the bike from the factory.
    Harley pan America 1250 S
    | April 4th, 2023
    excellent buy
    Awesome pipes
    (Michigan) | March 30th, 2023
    The ability to go from stock quiet to wide open is nice. No disturbing the neighborhood in the morning, but a wonderful sound rolling down the highway. The guys did a fantastic job putting the system on, leaving no detail unchecked, to even giving the bike a quick wax when done!. Look, fit and sound were better than expected! Thanks for making this system available at Daytona Bike week!
    (SAN JUAN TEXAS) | March 29th, 2023
    Supreme Big Shot
    (Fl) | March 24th, 2023
    In my 80+ years I have built 100's of houses and 1000's of projects including 2 automobiles and a motorcycle from pieces. This is absolutely the most beautifully engineered product I have ever seen. Well done!!!
    Really great to work with.
    (North Carolina) | January 7th, 2023
    Fantastic Company!