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R1300 GS Nomad S Exhaust, Black

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    Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® R1300 GS Nomad S Exhaust, Black


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    R1300 GS exhaust // nomad S

    Unveil the ultimate adventure with the Nomad S, an exceptional electronically adjustable exhaust crafted exclusively for the BMW R1300 GS. Offering an unmatched combination of sound, performance, and style, the Nomad S elevates the experience of BMW’s brand new adventure motorcycle. Featuring three distinct sound modes, a 4-year warranty, and a competitive price, the Nomad S stands as the premier choice for discerning riders.

    Embark on an Exciting Journey with the Nomad S

    Delve into a transformative riding experience with the Nomad S, a meticulously engineered electronically adjustable exhaust tailored specifically for the BMW R1300 GS. This cutting-edge exhaust system seamlessly integrates superior sound, enhanced performance, and refined style, pushing the limits of the R1300 GS’s advanced 1300 cc boxer engine. With the ability to switch between silent, dynamic, and rumbling sound modes, the Nomad S offers a customizable and immersive journey on every ride.

    Tailored for Excellence

    Understanding the BMW R1300 GS’s position as a trailblazer in the world of adventure motorcycles, Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® committed to designing a bespoke exhaust system that not only delivers remarkable sound but also harmonizes with the bike’s aesthetics and performance. The Nomad S becomes more than an accessory; it’s an essential component that enhances the overall adventure, making every ride a thrilling experience.

    Precision Engineering and Performance

    At Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde®, we take great pride in the Nomad S’s final form, which is a testament to our rigorous Research & Development process. Through extensive testing and analysis under various conditions, we’ve crafted an exhaust that is nothing short of extraordinary. The Nomad S’s design ensures optimal performance and power, offering a seamless transition between sound modes and maintaining peak performance across all terrains.

    Redefining Adventure

    As the BMW R1300 GS enters the competitive adventure market, the Nomad S by Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® sets new standards for what riders can expect from their exhaust system. Ride with the Nomad S and experience the road like never before, embracing the ultimate blend of sound, power, and performance.

    BMW R1300 GS exhaust

    Fitment for: BMW R1300 GS. Use our Exhaust Configuration Tool to choose a different Year/Make/Model.

    Impeccable Finish: Seen here in Black with our Carbon Fiber Endcap.

    3 Sound Modes: Three different sound modes of the Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® Nomad exhaust for the BMW GS Adventure at the push of the button.

    Compliance: Our Nomad S exhaust is certified according to the new Euro norm, ensuring readiness for Euro 5 plus R41.05.

    Innovative Technology: Active smartbox for future-proofing your sound experience.

    Sound Quality: Specifically tuned sound perfectly harmonized to complement your bike's identity.

    Confidence in Quality: Backed by a robust 4-year warranty.

    Construction Material: Crafted from stainless steel for enduring durability.

    Compatible with OEM Sidecases: Nomad S exhaust system is fully compatible with a set of OEM cases on the bike.

    Premium Craftsmanship: Reflecting the hallmark Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® quality.

    The Sound

    Introducing the Nomad S Exhaust: Tailored Sound for Every Adventure

    Experience the ultimate flexibility in motorcycle sound engineering with our latest innovation, the Nomad S exhaust system. Engineered for versatility, it allows you to customize your riding experience with different sound modes to suit every occasion. Whether you're embarking on a leisurely countryside ride or navigating bustling urban streets, the Nomad S adapts effortlessly to your needs, making it ideal for both long-distance touring and city commuting.

    Immerse Yourself in the Moment: Choose Your Sound Mode

    With the Nomad S exhaust, the power is in your hands. Select the serene tranquility of the Dr. Jekill mode for a whisper-quiet ride, perfect for soaking in the scenic beauty around you. Crave a more dynamic experience? Switch to the Dynamic Mode for a spirited soundtrack that enhances your journey. And when it's time to embrace adventure off the beaten path, unleash the primal roar of Mr. Hyde mode as you tackle rugged terrain with confidence. Whatever your riding style or destination, Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® delivers the perfect soundtrack for every situation.

    BMW R1300 GS exhaust

    the performance

    Enhance Performance with Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® | The Exhaust

    Experience unparalleled performance with the Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® electronically adjustable exhaust system. When the valve is open, your motorcycle gains a significant boost in power without any compromise. Even with the valve closed, you won't experience any loss in performance, ensuring safe and smooth rides in any mode. Our exhaust system is meticulously designed to optimize airflow and power, allowing your bike to run efficiently whether you're cruising through city streets or hitting the open road.

    Consistent and Reliable Performance

    With Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® | The Exhaust, you can enjoy consistent and reliable performance no matter where your ride takes you. Our advanced exhaust system guarantees your motorcycle operates at peak efficiency, providing you with a seamless riding experience. Whether you prefer a silent ride or a dynamic sound, our three sound modes cater to every riding scenario, ensuring your bike performs flawlessly in all conditions.

    Tackle Any Road Condition with Confidence

    Equip your motorcycle with Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® | The Exhaust and confidently tackle any road condition or riding scenario. Our state-of-the-art exhaust system ensures your bike delivers optimal performance, enhancing your overall riding experience. Feel the difference as you switch between sound modes on the go, and elevate your adventure to new heights with the superior technology and engineering of Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde®.

    Choose Performance, Choose Power

    Experience the ultimate in performance and power with Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® | The Exhaust. Our innovative exhaust system is designed to meet the needs of every rider, offering a perfect blend of power, efficiency, and sound customization. Discover the difference for yourself and take your riding experience to the next level. Choose Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® for exceptional performance and unrivaled riding pleasure.

    R1300 BMW GS dyno chart with exhaust

    the design

    Elevate Your Bike's Aesthetics with The Nomad Exhaust

    Discover the perfect fusion of form and function with The Nomad exhaust system. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our design seamlessly integrates with your bike's overall aesthetics, ensuring a perfect fit that enhances its visual appeal.

    Customize Your Look: Choose from Diverse Configurations

    The Nomad Exhaust offers a range of configurations to suit your style preferences. Opt for a sleek black or pearl grey body, accented by gloss carbon end caps featuring an aluminum core. Elevate your bike's appearance further with suspension brackets available in black, adding a touch of sophistication to your ride.

    Perfect Alignment, Enhanced Visual Impact

    Experience a cohesive and integrated look with The Nomad's body indentation perfectly aligning with your bike's fuel tank. The addition of high-end carbon elements enhances the sporty vibe, while the insert in the end cap adds a premium touch that sets your motorcycle apart, even with mounted suitcases. Make a bold statement on the road with The Nomad exhaust, a truly unique and visually striking feature for your bike.

    BMW GS in the Woods Exhaust

    Uncompromising Quality

    Premium Quality

    At Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde®, quality is not just a value, it's our guiding principle. Our exhaust systems are not only visually stunning but also engineered to deliver unparalleled reliability and durability. Each exhaust undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it can withstand the harshest weather conditions and extreme heat, guaranteeing performance excellence in every ride.

    European Excellence: From Testing to Production

    From concept to creation, we prioritize quality at every step. Only after successfully passing stringent tests does an exhaust system earn its place in our lineup. When it comes to production, we spare no expense, using only the finest materials sourced from trusted suppliers across Europe. With Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde®, rest assured, you're investing in a product crafted to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

    BMW GS Exhaust

    Nomad S

    Fully Compatible with OEM Cases for the BMW R1300 GS

    At Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde®, quality is not just a value, it's our guiding principle. Our exhaust systems are not only visually stunning but also engineered to deliver unparalleled reliability and durability. Each exhaust undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it can withstand the harshest weather conditions and extreme heat, guaranteeing performance excellence in every ride.

    Prepare Your BMW R1300 GS for Adventure

    When embarking on an adventure with your BMW R1300 GS, being well-prepared is crucial. A reliable set of OEM cases is essential for carrying your gear and essentials on the journey.

    Seamless Integration with OEM Cases

    The new Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® Nomad S exhaust system is designed to be fully compatible with the OEM cases of the BMW R1300 GS. Our exhaust system ensures a perfect fit, with no impact on the cases due to heat. This compatibility has been rigorously tested and verified by our engineers and test riders to guarantee optimal performance and safety.

    Engineered for Optimal Performance

    Our engineers have meticulously investigated and tested the Nomad S exhaust system to ensure it integrates seamlessly with the OEM cases. The design ensures that the exhaust heat does not affect the cases, allowing you to pack up and ride with confidence.

    Pack Up and Ride with Confidence

    With the Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® Nomad S exhaust, you can hit the road knowing your BMW R1300 GS is fully equipped for the adventure. Enjoy the perfect blend of performance, compatibility, and reliability. Time to pack up, ride, and experience the ultimate adventure with the Nomad S exhaust system.

    R1300 GS with OEM cases with a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® Exhaust


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    4.98/5 Stars out of 51 Reviews
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    Sweet sweet sound!
    (Jasper, Fl) | July 4th, 2024
    The ability to turn on and off the rumble is surprisingly impressive!! Thanks for making my 23 CVO a Harley!!
    Great service
    (Florida) | June 5th, 2024
    I bought a new Harley and they set me up with the correct wiring for transferring the pipes to the new bike. I love how I can ride loud or softer for my daughter.
    Easy to order
    (Montreal canada) | June 1st, 2024
    Web site is great
    Quality Unmatched
    | May 24th, 2024
    Wow. Love this exhaust system. first of all the sound when it’s in the rumble mode is perfect. People know when your coming and heads turn and try and get a look at what your riding. Then you pull up next to them hit the button and the next second your bike goes into docile mode. But I have to say the quality is absolutely the apex of engineering. I put the system in myself and it took about an hour and half. The video on the internet walks you right through it. The manual that comes with it is one of the first ones that actually spells it out simply. I worked with Chris on getting it delivered to me and they couldn’t be any nicer but actually extremely knowledgeably about what they are selling. I would highly recommend this product to anybody who wants the best system on the market. David
    top customer service
    (San Diego) | May 23rd, 2024
    timely email responses and easy ordering and payment process without issue.
    replacement servomotors
    (Costa Rica) | May 13th, 2024
    I installed my J*H exhausts back in 2015 on my HD Softail Classic Heritage. After almost ten years driving in tropical conditions one of the servomotors failed. After on-line consultation with the factory it was recommended to rather change both servomotors. Same were ordered on-line and arrived without problems in Costa Rica and have in the meantime been installed. Excellent customer service & after sales service and will continue to support this brand for many years to come
    Pipes for any occasion
    (Lowell, MA, USA) | May 10th, 2024
    These pipes truly live up to their name, going from loud to stealth with push of a button. Highly recommend!
    A Must-buy
    (Dallas TX) | May 1st, 2024
    From the moment the Jekill and Hyde exhaust arrived, I knew I was in for a treat. The packaging alone set a high standard—pristine condition with an impressive presentation that promises quality. The contents inside did not disappoint. The installation process was a breeze; the instructions were as clear and straightforward as assembling a set of Legos, which speaks volumes about Jekill and Hyde's commitment to customer satisfaction. The true joy came with the first roar of my Triumph Speedmaster after installation. The sound is absolutely fantastic—deep, rich, and exactly what I was looking for. It's clear that Jekill and Hyde take immense pride in their craftsmanship, and it resonates with every rev of the engine. I'm thoroughly pleased with this purchase and I'm certain that my future bikes will be equipped with Jekill and Hyde exhausts too. For anyone looking to enhance their motorcycle's performance and sound, this product is a definite must-buy, you will not regret it!
    Great sound options!
    (Massachusetts) | April 30th, 2024
    Excellent craftsmanship! Installed on a 2024 Fatboy 114. This exhaust is by far the best sounding exhaust when in Hyde mode. I’ve listened to every exhaust and have owned several. This one sounds angry in Hyde mode. Dynamic mode sounds real nice too. Great when you want to relax or take the lady on a nice ride. Jekyll mode is good for neighbors you don’t want to aggravate BUT like I said put it in Hyde mode and bike sounds like a beast :) Ascetically, the exhaust looks great on the Fatboy as well. Great customer service too, I reached out to them to work with my Harley Dealer and they shipped it to them for the install.
    Attached Image
    Mr. Hyde rides again!
    Now my R18 Transcontinental sounds like it looks :-}
    (Atlanta, GA) | April 25th, 2024
    Simply amazed at how this J&H exhaust system drastically changes the character of this motorcycle. Super impressed and happy with my purchase.
    Awesome Exhausts
    (Florida) | April 25th, 2024
    Simply the best all around sounding and functional exhaust system on the market, have them installed on all of my bikes!
    Third time
    | April 23rd, 2024
    I stand by the Exhaust from J&H as a domestic peacemaker. This will be my third. It works exactly as advertised, and I have been a completely satisfied customer. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve, of course, but if your ultimate goal is stealth when appropriate and a roar when unconstrained, then this is the exhaust for you.
    Parts Manager
    (District Harley Davidson) | April 17th, 2024
    Great company from our first contact all the way through the delivery and packaging of the product. The customer is thrilled with the system and has no worries in taking his bike back to his country where they are very strict on sound compliance.
    Good service
    (Sherman, Texas) | April 2nd, 2024
    keep it up
    Can't Wait
    (Greenville SC.) | March 15th, 2024
    The sound of this exhuast wasvery good. I visitedthe both at Daytona. I am waiting to hear them on my bike.
    Parts Manager
    awesome customer service
    From Mild Mannered to Wild Ride: My Jekill & Hyde Exhaust Upgrade
    (Saint Louis, MO - USA) | February 5th, 2024
    My Indian Pursuit isn't just a commuter, it's a long-distance companion. Looking back, the only regret I have is not outfitting it with the Jekyll & Hyde exhaust system sooner! Believe me, it's a game-changer. From the initial contact with Chris in Hendersonville to the moment I roared out of town, the entire experience was exceptional. Chris answered all my questions promptly and expertly, making the decision a breeze. Installation was seamless – my local dealer paired it with a Stage 2 engine upgrade, and the technician couldn't stop grinning when I asked if it was ready. "You're gonna love it," he assured me, clearly as impressed as I was. (Apparently, it was their first J&H install, and they were having a blast with it!) Part of the reason I chose Indian was the stock exhaust's low rumble, perfect for cruising through quiet neighborhoods. But the option to unleash some beastly roar was too tempting to pass up. Let me tell you, I have zero regrets! Every time I hit that button, the subdued purr transforms into a chest-thumping, low-frequency rumble that puts a giant grin on my face. It's the ultimate Jekill & Hyde experience – switching from stealthy cruiser to attention-grabbing machine in a heartbeat. This company lives up to its name in the best way possible!
    goood and fast
    (argentina) | January 23rd, 2024
    Excelent platform, very fast and reliable to buy from you, astonishing products!
    Awesome customer support
    (Canada) | November 28th, 2023
    They found a system for my bike event tho it was older and not listed on there web site anymore. Very easy to deal with
    JEKILL AND HYDE Exhaust 5 Stars
    (Power Motorcycles USA (Palm Bay, FL)) | October 13th, 2023
    Accessorize your bike with an exhaust that fits all your needs. No longer do you have to wake up the neighborhood with that new exhaust or be that guy with the "sewing machine" sounding exhaust.
    Great Service
    | October 10th, 2023
    A very exciting exhaust product!!
    Astonishing Exhaust system
    (Detroit,MI) | September 20th, 2023
    First off, other than the awesome fact that you can control the exhaust to be quiet or loud, the performance of my bike (Sportster S) is convincingly better. It is almost as if the exhaust has added a new mode between road mode and sport mode. Acceleration feels more sporty and responsive (similar to sport mode) but while still in road mode than with the stock exhaust. I wish I had got before and after install dyno numbers. The look is awesome!! When it arrived I was so impressed with the level of care and detail to packing this thing I felt bad removing it from the box. Installing it is easy if you have a basic mechanical aptitude. I am truly impressed and it is the crown jewell of the bike for sure.
    2022 Pan America Special
    (Sudbury Ontario Canada) | August 30th, 2023
    Very satisfied. Fast shipping 7 days door to door from Netherlands. Product as described and easy install. Jekyll mode similar to stock but Hyde rumble is sweet!
    Great Service
    (Utah) | August 17th, 2023
    Although the install wasn't difficult I needed a replacement part, they were easy to work with and sent the part quickly. The service was great!
    Perfect customer service
    (Montréal Canada) | August 14th, 2023
    Very professionals services I recommend them all the way!
    parts manager
    (open road Harley-Davidson) | August 12th, 2023
    very helpful over the phone
    2017 Roadmaster
    (North Carolina) | August 3rd, 2023
    I was very skeptical as to how the pipes would perform in each mode. They sound amazing and I saw no performance decline. If anything maybe better. I would like to share this with you. I was at the stop light and had the pipes wide open. And my son call and I was able to answer the phone select the full baffled. I was able to talk to him with no issue was able to use Sir. And when I was done. I open her right back up. Amazing product. It's worth the money. The shop was amazing and very professional. Great people to do business with.
    Very good service
    (Ontario) | August 2nd, 2023
    The equipment and the service is outstanding
    Outstanding product and excellent customer service
    (Greenville, SC) | July 28th, 2023
    I went up twice to Hendersonville - 70 miles one way - to make sure, that my money spent is worth it. And the team of Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde did not disappoint me: I got the coolest exhaust for my Harley, professionally installed in no time while waiting. Sound, quality and finish is incomparable with any other system. No retuning was required after the installation. The bike was handed over ready to ride. Torque and performance feel just like before. With the fully open valve, I can notice more low end vibration of the bike. It simulates a wilder and more emotional ride. What a blast! I don’t want to get off the bike anymore. Thank you Jekill and Hyde!
    Great service installed at H-D120
    (Mexico) | July 15th, 2023
    Premium product and sevice
    (Chilliwack B.C. Canada) | July 6th, 2023
    Excellent product and topnotch service
    Best exhaust ever
    (Battle Creek Michigan) | June 25th, 2023
    Great muffler love the performance and sound the ability to change my motorcycle sound at a touch of a button awesome
    (COSMO'S INDIAN MOTORCYCL) | June 16th, 2023
    Dr. Jekill & Hyde Exhaust
    (Clermont, Florida) | June 15th, 2023
    I heard about the J&H exhaust from my salesman at IMotorSports Indian in Orlando. When I brought my FTR 1200 in for it’s first service I had the dealers technician install the all black version after I painted the header pipes flat black myself. The system looks fantastic and is an extreme eye opening surprise for all the people I show it to. I ride my bike almost daily to work and have to ride through a couple of very small towns. The ability to quiet the exhaust down entering the town keeps me sound ordinance legal and the popo don’t give me a second look. But outside town I touch the button and am off and turning heads.
    Attached Image
    Now you hear me-now you don’t
    Awesome Exhaust
    | May 26th, 2023
    This exhaust is an awesome performing and sounding exhaust system. I have sold two sets to the same customer. They tune well. Our customers are satisfied.
    Epic Sound!
    (Paco WA) | May 23rd, 2023
    Sales Rep was great! really nice exhaust!




    Listen and enjoy the three different sound modes of the Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® - The Exhaust.

    Mr. Hyde

    Mr. Hyde Mode - The exhaust boosts a beautiful, deep rumble.


    Dynamic Mode - A tamed Mr. Hyde sound.

    Dr. Jekill

    Dr. Jekill Mode - A calm, low-key but distinctive sound.

    Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde®'s sound engineers have meticulously aligned the sound modes with the engine's character, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious experience. We take sincere pride in the exceptional sound and product crafted by Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde®. The engine's power seamlessly translates into the robust and resonant rumble emitted by the Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® Exhaust.



    Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® Company propels BMW adventure motorcycles to new heights with The Exhaust—an electronically adjustable marvel that transforms your adventure riding experience. Our exhaust system empowers you to customize your sound to the moment, delivering exceptional performance, premium quality, and a robust four-year warranty.

    Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® | The Exhaust introduces an unparalleled level of excellence, offering a completely premium quality exhaust designed to complement the rugged spirit of BMW adventure motorcycles. Backed by a four-year warranty, this engineering masterpiece enables on-the-fly customization with three distinct sound modes, ensuring a spectacular adventure every time.

    Crafted with precision and expertise, The Exhaust is a result of German engineering and Dutch craftsmanship. Meticulously designed by elite engineers, this state-of-the-art exhaust system undergoes rigorous testing, including computer simulations and prototype development. Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® proudly presents a tailor-made exhaust for each BMW adventure bike, created by riders, for riders.

    Adjust your sound to the moment with three sound modes

    Immerse yourself in the symphony of three distinct personalities embodied by Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® systems: Dr. Jekill mode, Dynamic mode, and Mr. Hyde mode. With a simple push of a button, a valve inside the muffler gracefully adjusts, providing you the tools to enhance your exhaust's power and sound. Embrace the freedom to adjust your sound to the moment and ignite your adventure with Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde®.


    4 year warranty

    At Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde®, we take pride in the quality and durability of our products. Our exhausts are crafted to endure, designed and manufactured with longevity as a priority. Hence, we provide all new exhaust systems with a standard 4-year warranty.

    For a precise understanding of the Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde® warranty terms, we encourage you to thoroughly review the warranty terms. Enjoy your exhaust with peace of mind.

    4 Year Warranty



    BMW Adventure R1300 GS 2024+